Tony Loeper, Ike Runnels, and Tom Rosemeyer Take Latest Events at The Carom Room (Beloit, WI)

The Carom Room in Beloit, Wisconsin, held its latest three events out of many to come that have been scheduled between now and April 2009 over the weekends of October 11th, 25th, and November 8th.  The event on October 11th did not allow masters and with fifty-three players in tow, the $35 entry tournament pulled quite a bit of competitive play.

In the end a total purse of $2103 was paid out to twelve players.  Tony Loeper ran through the field undefeated for his share of that prize and top honors.  The remaining results are as follows:

1st Tony Loeper $750
2nd Tyler Westhuis $441
3rd Paul Scott $273
4th Chad Elston $170
5th/6th Bob Romano/Thee Vongsri $105
7th/8th Tyler Boers/Greg Andler $63
9th-12th Carlos McGill/Ken Lee/Denny Anderson/Todd Halverson $42

On October 25th, a total field of forth-six players returned to The Carom Room, this time for an open eight-ball tournament.  The entry was the same $35 and was played on bar tables.  The placings fell as follows, with Ike Runnels taking top honors this go-round over Bob Hunter:?
1st Ike Runnels $661
2nd Bob Hunter $409
3rd Eddie Balderas $252
4th John Fields $157
5th/6th Jared Frideres/Tyler Westhuis $94
7th/8th Josh Kalkbrenner/Chad Elston $63

On November 8th, the fifty strong player field dropped in again to the venue for the latest installment of a no-masters allowed format on the bar tables with a $35 entry fee.  Tom Rosemeyer dominated the field and ultimately the finals scoring a 7-0 victory over Gary Peterson to place his name on top of the board.  The field played out as follows:

1st Tom Rosemeyer $692
2nd Gary Peterson $428
3rd Jay Slonske $266
4th Chris Bonde $163
5th/6th Gregg Andler/Carlos Mcgill $101
7th/8th Ken Harvell/Zach Marquartt $60
9th-12th Bob Shepard/Mike Laporte/Harold Roberson/Chad Elston $40

The venue continues to open its doors for future events and as mentioned previously these were only the beginning on a long list of dates.  For more details on upcoming events, visit$1,000addedtournament.html