Davis and Delicious final two undefeated Bar Box players

Mike Davis

The US Bar Table Championships 9-Ball division is now down to just six players.

On the winners side Danny Basavich scored a 9-6 win over Poland's Marek Derek and Mike Davis defeated Stan Tourangeau 9-8 to remain undefeated.

On the one loss side, Dennis Orcullo defeated TJ Davis 9-8 and Edwin Montal defeated Charlie Bryant 9-5 eliminating Davis and Bryant in 7th place with $750 in prize money.

Orcullo is now playing Derek and Montal is taking on Tourangeau to determine who will end up in 5th place and who will move on.

The 8-Ball division got started today with 225 players competing. We will have final results from the 9-ball division later today.

File photo courtesy of Holly Ryan - AzB Staff