Day Two Rack Change Leads to Tighter Battle Between Gorst and Pagulayan

After two days of play, and a racking change in the middle, Fedor Gorst holds a slim lead over Alex Pagulayan in their $100,000 challenge match at The Rack and Grill III in Aiken, South Carolina.

Day one had been played with a wood rack and led to a 25-15 lead for Gorst. Discussions were had before day two got underway, and a change in the racking rules was agreed on. Pagulayan paid off a pro-rated amount for day one and the players re-started a race to 50 with a template rack. 

The template rack appeared to close the gap between these two champions as neither player was able to build any sort of lead to distance themselves from their opponent. Pagulayan led most of the day, but faltered at the end, allowing Gorst to finally move out to a five rack lead at 25-20. 

Day three play gets underway at 6pm EST and can be watched online at