Gorst Leads Pagulayan After Challenge Match Day One

After one day of play, Fedor Gorst leads Alex Pagulayan by the score of 25-15 in their three day challenge match at The Rack and Grill III in Aiken , South Carolina. These two champions are playing a 10-ball race to 75 challenge match with a total of $100,000 going to the winner of the event.

Alex came out and held early control of their match, holding a small lead at 6-4, but that lead would not last as Fedor tied the match at 6-6 and then started building his lead. They will pick things up today with the score at 25-15 and play until one player has fifty games.

Team USA Captain Jeremy Jones and Scott Rabon are providing  commentary for the match, which can be watched online at poolactiontv.com starting at 6pm EST today.