Moore leads Bartam 35-28 in TAR Challenge Match

Stevie Moore

Stevie Moore and Chris Bartram kicked off their $20,000 Challenge match on Tuesday at Side Pockets in Kansas City. The match is a race to 100 over three days and Tuesday was the kick off. The match began at a snails pace with the first twenty games taking three hours. Stevie Moore finally loosened up and caught a gear to take a fifteen game lead over Bartram. Chris was able to stay the course and grind back a few games here and there before the momentum turned and he was able to close out the day wiyh a strong charge before Moore ended the days play by winning his thirty fifth game.

Play will continue today at 2 PM Eastern. The match is available to watch LIVE on streaming Pay Per View at for only $20 for the remaining  two days of action. The players will play today until one of them reaches 70 total victories and finish up on Thursday with one man winning $20,000.

As an added value for the supporters of TheActionReport who purchase the Pay Per View we plan on having Tony Chohan vs Justin Bergman in a 10 ball set after the main event concludes for the next two evenings.

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