Delbert Hall Jr and Mark Vidal Score Viking Amateur Tour Wins

Shawn Putnam brought the Viking Cue Amatuer 9-Ball Tour to West Virginia and Ohio with two single day events on March 3rd and 4th.

First up was Strokerz Billiard Pub in Morgantown, WV and a $500 added event. Shane Jackson and Jim Udischas cruised through this event with a loss until the match for the hot-seat. This match was won by Jackson 7-5.

On the one loss side, Udischas ran into Delbert Hall Jr. and Hall had revenge on his mind. Hall had lost to Udischas early in the tournament and had scored four wins to get back into contention. A 5-3 win over Udischas set Hall up in the finals against Jackson.

The first set of the finals went to Hall 7-4 and the second set was at hill-hill when Jackson got out of line on an 8-ball and scratched, giving the match and tournament to Hall.

The following day, Putnam was in his home room; The Q-Club in Youngstown, OH for another $500 added event.

This event was dominated by Mark Vidal and Bill McCollim. Both players made it to the hot-seat match untouched, only allowed one opponent each to get to the hill against them.

Vidal took the hot seat with a 6-2 win, but after a 6-4 win over Skip Shumate, McCollim was back for more in the fianls.

The finals only took one set, as Vidal scored a 6-5 win over McCollim for first place.

Strokerz Billiard Pub Payouts
The Q-Club Payouts