Justin Hall and Chris Truax score Viking Tour Wins in Florida

Justin Hall and Jeremy Bell with the friendly waitress of Diamond Billiards

A grand total of 122 players competed in this weekends Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour events at the Grand Opening tournament for the brand new 1.5 million dollar Diamond Billiards Sports Bar and Grill in Cape Coral, Florida. The players competed for their share of the $7,290 prize fund with Justin Hall claiming the win of the 55 player $1,500 added Open division and Chris Truax taking top honors in the 67 player $500 added Amateur division.

Diamond Billiards Sports Bar and Grill located at 1242 Pine Island Drive SW in Cape Coral, FL. took about a year and about a 1.5 million dollar investment to build this exquisite billiard facility. It features 22 new Diamond tables with 14 of them being 9' and the remaining eight are 7' Diamond Smart tables. They have a very friendly elevated bar and a full restaurant that serves items from finger foods to top quality Steaks or the latest catches from the local supply of fresh sea food. From the moment you walk into the this well thought out sophisticated designed room it shows why its the best in Florida's SW. The floors in the raised bar area are black Granite with an impressive white Onyx diamond in the center to help set the ambiance. To add the experience there are 24 flat panel televisions strategically placed through out the entire 10,000 square foot location. The walls are pleasantly decorated with timeless billiard room colors that feature framed in neon billiard themed art work. The facility is owned by AZr's own James Oswalt ( Az Forum name Biggame) and Ward Huey. The two of them share an unparalleled passion for the our sport with an eye for detail and welcome everyone to stop by and make your best game.

This weekends Open division was won by Justin Hall who worked his way thru the top half of the bracket undefeated to take 1st place on his way to the finals he sent his opponents one after another to the left side of chart his path is as follows Jessica Barker 9-1; Jim Hannah 9-1; Mike Janis 9-1; Jason Ritchko 9-7; Tony 'the sniper" Crosby 9-7; Louis Altes 9-5; and in the hot seat he defeated Jason Miller 9-4.

Jason Miller began his journey to take 2nd place in the bottom half of the bracket he defeated Bob Herrera 9-5; Valerie Dukich 9-3; Nathan Rose 9-7;Jonathan Demet 9-8; before being sent to the left side of the chart by Louis Altes 9-5; where faced Jason Richko and made a come back from 8-4 to win 9-8 placing Richko in 5th he then defeated Tony Crosby 9-6; and Louis Altes this time defeating him 9-7 before his second loss in the finals 9-4 at the hands of Justin Hall.

Open Division Payouts
1st Justin Hall $1810
2nd Jason Miller $1100
3rd Louis Altes $700
4th Tony Crosby $500
5/6th Jason Richko/ Mario Cruz $280 each
7/8th Nathan Rose/Josh Lewis $100 each
9/12th Johnaton Demet/ Brian Davalos/Ted Lepak/Tim Crews $60 each
13/16th Harry Hess/ Adam Merrill/ Trevor Heal/ Hal Harvey $20 + T-shirt each

Amateur Division:

Amateur Division: Before his final coin flip win that placed him in 1st place Chris Truax drew a bye in round one and then proceed top half of the chart sending all his opponents to the one loss side beginning with Richard Etwell 5-1; Micheal Cross 5-4; Tim Crews 5-4; Jose Ybarra 5-2; Todd Vail 5-1 he then defeated Jeremy Bell for the hot seat match and won again in the finals over Bell by a coin flip.

Jeremy Bells path way to the finals: Bell worked his way thru the bottom half of the chart undefeated he drew a bye in round one and then proceeded to defeated the following list of opponents Jessica Barker 5-3; Ed Knopp 5-2;Wesley White 5-0; Treavor Heal 5-4; Valerie Dukich 5-4; Jeremy then suffered his first loss in the hot seat match at the hands of Chris Traux and in the 1-loss he defeated Paul Bramwell to set up his rematch with Traux where he lost in a coin flip decision.

Amateur Division Payouts;
1st Chris Truax $500
2nd Jeremy Bell $350
3rd Paul Bramwell $250 + $120 side pot
4th Jose Ybarra $200
5th Todd Vail $150 + $40 side pot
6th Valerie Dekich $150
7/8th Willie McBride / Ken Coulter $70
9/12th Trevor Heal/ Oscar Castillo/ David Cole / Scott Howard $50 each