Derby City Banks completes one round.

Jose Parica defeated Niels Feijen on Friday

Round one is complete in the banks division of the 10th Annual Derby City Classic. Notable players suffering their first loss included Johnny Archer, Shawn Putnam, Francisco Bustamante, Tyler Edey, Cliff Joyner, Grady Mathews, Niels Feijen and Tony Watson.

Round two was being drawn Friday evening with some play in that round still happening Friday night.

The bank pool ring game got underway around 8pm on Friday night with Shannon Daulton, Brian Gregg, Tony Coleman, George Breedlove, Louis Demarco and Truman Hogue competing.

The banks events are only a small portion of the action though, as players are competing in "challenge matches" as far as the eye can see.

The Action Report is in attendance and broadcasting play from one table in the action room.

Paul Frankel is running qualifiers for the USBA 3 Cushion Nationals on Friday through Sunday.

The Hall of Fame dinner will take place on Tuesday evening at 7pm and tickets are still available. Those interested in attending can register online at