Derby City Banks Round Two Complete

Scott Frost
Derby City Banks Round Two Complete

Round two at the Derby City Classic Banks Division is complete (and posted online) with another batch of players being handed losses.

One of the highly anticipated matches saw Scott Frost defeat US Open Champion Shane Van Boening 3-2. Van Boening has already lost his third round match against Alex Pagulayan and has been eliminated.

Other top players who suffered losses in the second round included George Breedlove, Tony Coleman, Wade Crane, Louie Demarco, Cliff Joyner, Ronnie Wiseman, John Morra, Rodolfo Luat, Jason Miller, Chris Bartram and Ralf Souquet.

Round three is underway and is expected to finish Saturday evening.

Saturday night will also feature the all around action challenge between Monica Webb and Sarah Rousey which will feature the players facing off in one pocket, banks and 10-ball. All three matches will be available for online PPV at