Derby City One Pocket Round Six Complete

Karen Corr showed that she is a quick learner when it came to one pocket

Round six of the Derby City Classic One Pocket division has concluded and another batch of players have suffered losses.

Top seeds falling in round six included Corey Deuel, Ralf Souquet, Tony Chohan, Danny Harriman, Dee Adkins, Francisco Bustamante and Santos Sambajon. Round six was also the end of the line for WPBA star Karen Corr as she lost to Jerry Slivka.

Round seven is underway with marquee matches including Shannon Daulton vs Cliff Joyner, Niels Feijen vs Stevie Moore, Thorsten Hohmann vs Scott Frost, Alex Pagulayan vs Rafael Martinez, Santos Sambajon vs Charlie Bryant, Shane Van Boening vs Larry Nevel and Ronnie Wiseman vs Louie Ulrich.

Real time video of the action room is available from Derby City online at and matches from the TV table are available for online PPV at

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