Derby One Pocket Round Eight Complete

Allen Hopkins

Round eight of the Derby City Classic One Pocket Division is now complete.

Players advancing into round nine include Efren Reyes, Scott Frost, Francisco Bustamante, Niels Feijen, Allen Hopkins, Gabe Owen, Thorsten Hohmann, Ralf Souquet, Alex Pagulayan and Shane Van Boening.

Round nine has been drawn and is now online.

Round one of the 9-ball event also came to a conclusion with few surprises. Top seeds that did fall in round one included Karl Boyes, Fabio Petroni, Wade Crane, Oscar Dominguez, Cliff Joyner, Shawn Putnam and Thorsten Hohmann.

Round two of the 9-ball is underway with marquee matches including Tony Crosby vs Niels Feijen, Sylver Ochoa vs Dee Adkins and Bobby Pickle vs Jeanette Lee.

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