Derby City Classic Side Action

With the Derby City Classic just around the corner it is a good time to remember the proper rules of conduct at the Horseshoe. Diamond Billiard Products and the Harrah’s chain have teamed to bring us this great event and we do not wish to do anything that would endanger the future of what has become the biggest fan-friendly event of the year.
The one thing that everyone needs to remember is that gambling is illegal in a casino unless you are involved in a game on the casino floor. Now that does not mean anything about two players matching up for a sum of money in a challenge match. That is a test of skills and is not illegal. What IS illegal, and could cause problems, is “betting on the rail”. If you are not shooting in a game of pool it is illegal for you to wager on the game. 
While it would be impossible to completely stop side action, fans who lay action on the side could have their winnings confiscated, could be escorted out of the premises and even worse. 
In the past, part of the fun for some fans was woofing loudly about how much money they had won in side action. That is just asking for problems, and these fans will have no one to blame but themselves if they get in trouble at Derby this year.
In other words, keep your private business private. Do not go screaming down the hall that you just took your buddy down for $500 because he insisted on betting on the wrong guy. Be cool and this event can last forever. But remember that all it takes is for one fool to say the wrong thing with the wrong person in attendance and this dream could turn nightmarish. 
Basically, Diamond and Harrah’s are happy to promote a great tournament, and that is what they are there to do. They are not allowed to promote ‘action’ as that would put them crosswise with the Gaming Commission and also defeats the idea of bringing folks into a casino to gamble at the casino tables. With this in mind, the promotion of the Action Award at Derby City will henceforth not be be handled by Diamond Billiard Products.