Derby City Classic XVIII, Day Four

LIVE from the Horseshoe Southern Indiana Resort and Casino, Elizabeth, IN

Diamond BIG Foot 10-Ball Challenge.

As expected, it was Shaw versus Van Boening. It was how they arrived there was the surprise.

In semis #1, Jayson and “Bata” traded racks until, tied at 3, Efren forged ahead to 5. With pure firepower, and near perfect position play, Jayson leapt into the lead as he strung the next 6 consecutive racks: 9-5. Efren caught a few more but, by 10-8, Jayson had opportunity with a two-way safety and carom on the dangling, case 10. The cue ball licked at it, nudging it nearer the hole. The safety part of the play worked and, with an unmissable, ball-in-hand combo, Shaw was onward to the finals.

In Semis # 2, Orcollo versus Van Boening was a different matter. Maybe a warm-up or, is it teaser, for their upcoming $100K showdown in February. After today’s outcome, you can be assured of one thing, the line-makers will be sharpening their pencils.

With the aid of a 3-pack, Shane was ahead 5-0 before Dennis made a dent in the score. Then, he didn’t just damolish Shane’s lead, he destroyed it. At 6-5 ahead disaster struck. Dennis made 5 balls on the break–unfortunately, one of them was the cue ball!

It’s 6-6. Shane’s run-out made it 7-6, then, with 3 balls on the break, he showed us he’s human; He missed a makable one-ball.

Orcollo leapt from his seat and we were soon tied at 7-7. (I say “we” because the audience is living every stroke of this encounter)

Time out! Let’s regroup; prepare for the closing racks. There’s, ultimately, 16 grand at stake here, $8,000 for 2nd, and $4,000 each for 3rd/4th.

The torture didn’t stop. Dennis missed, donating the rack. 8-7. With shape on the 1, Shane hooked himself on the 3, hit it…and scratched. 8-8. Dennis scratched. 9-8. Shane, getting out of line on the 9 missed shape on the 10, played safe…kinda. Dennis dug deep…and smacked it in the back of the pocket: 9-9.

Again, Dennis sank the cue ball on the break and, with ball in hand, Shane missed simple shape on the 2. Dennis ran to the 7 where it rocked back and forth on the jaws to sit up waiting for Shane: 10-9. This is where Shane excels, he calmly, almost casually, broke and ran the deciding rack. Game, set, and match-time up with Shaw.

Opening game jitters had both Van Boening and Shaw fail to pocket makable balls until Jayson prevailed. With the first rack under his belt, he didn’t fumble much after that. With his confident strut around the table, long shots the length of BIGFoot, jump shots that Shane, supposedly, left as safe–no matter what the lie, Shaw’s attempts hit their target.

It was soon 8-3 with Shane sat slumped in his seat. We’ve seen this happen before as Van Boening would ascend from the pit and his opponent’s lead would slowly slip away.

But not today. Jayson had matured–maybe it’s becoming a father; the shiny wedding ring on his finger as a reminder of the added responsibility. Today, his nonchalant, “it’s only a game,” attitude had evolved into the mannerisms of a champion.

Even Shane could sense that Shaw would not be denied. Down 9-5, Van Boening let opportunity disappear as an errant cue ball was hit with “give-up” stroke. He had accepted that it was Jayson’s turn to win. So had Jayson. His composure intact, his emotions checked, he calmly closed the rack, broke with authority and, with absolute precision, fulfilled another dream. He had toppled the 2-time titlist and was the undisputed Diamond BIGFoot 10-Ball Champion.

It was then Shaw’s impressive, self control was allowed release. His yell’s of triumph erupted to drown the applause of the boisterous Derby City crowd. His eyes glazed, he searched for his chair, “Where am I? What have I done” Dazed and now quiet–serene even–the tears ran freely down his cheeks.

DCC Bank Pool Championships: Monday, 10 am, EDT, there were 27 remaining competitors. By early evening, there were 9. Only two have a buy-back; the ubiquitous John Brumback and, new to the final few, the well deserved Billy Thorpe.

Tuesday 10am, Billy plays Alex Olinger, Jeremy Jones meets Dennis Orcullo then, it’s Bustey and Earl, and Deuel vs. Shaw. Brumback has the bye.

The Accu-Stats lights, cameras, and action will prevail ’til tourney’s end.

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DCC One Pocket Championships are underway with a record breaking 397 entrants. The draw was such that the early rounds didn’t offer much room for upsets tho,’ Earl was sent to the buy-back booth by respectable play from Albuquerque’s Tommy Tokoph.

Nederlander Niels Feijen toppled past DCC All Around Champ Jason Miller, 3-2. “Jason and I have competed since I got seasoned on the Viking Tour in my early 20’s. It’s weird. Every time he has bank shot, no matter where I am, my eye seems to gravitate towards him. I’ve never seen Jason miss one,” Neil mused. “It was gratifying to win today.” Miller will be back.

Meanwhile, Orcollo overcame Dan Louie while Justin Hall survived a 3-2 encounter with 2014 DCC 14.1 Runner-up, Konstantin Stepanov. Cliff Joyner was downed, 3-1, by Jonathan Pinegar. Jeffrey Ignacio moves on as does Efren, Scott Frost, and the usual stable of contenders.

The cream will be presented via PPV, LIVE from the Accu-Stats Arena.

The George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge:  There are now at 43 entrants vying for the top 8, high runs that will allow entry into the final, single elimination phase on the weekend.

Biado is a machine,” stated tourney co-director Bill Maropulis. “In 2 innings, he’s averaged 120.”

It’s now 10pm and Mika Immonen is champing at the bit, ready to run some. It doesn’t look promising as there are 5 ahead of him in tonight’s session which is cut-off at midnight.

The Europeans are serious contenders and ready at dawn. “What time will you open for play,” begged Thorsten Hohmann. “About 8:30,” replied Dennis Walsh, Bill’s partner in the running of the operation.

“I’ll be here,” said Thorsten “ I want to get a fresh start.”

The Americans are not quite so fastidious, “8:30? In the morning?” questioned Johnny Archer, incredulously.

Mike Davis still leads the high run with 141, Carlo Biado has 140.

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