Derby City Day Three

John Brumback

The third day of the Derby City Classic found competitions in the Bank Pool event continuing even as the One Pocket division got underway. Monday morning found 28 players still alive in the Banks and 312 players signing up for the One Pocket. Scot Frost continued his speed show with three banks matches taking less than 15 minutes each. Unfortunately he was finally upended by Dennis Orcullo to end his run. A newcomer to the National scene, Danny Smith of Toledo has managed thus far to be a giant slayer as he is undefeated now and has taken down players of no less renown than Earl Strickland and Mike Dechaine. Today he has his biggest test yet as he now faces John Brumback, banker extreme.  

By Tuesday morning we may have a winner to announce in the Banks division. Play continues nearly round the clock today.  

There was a senior One Pocket event held Sunday night that did not end until the wee hours of the morning. Everyone connected with that event is now sleeping so we will report the results tomorrow once we have them.