Derby City Tuesday Update

Ralf Souquet

Tuesday play is underway at the Derby City Classic and the game of the day is one pocket. Round three of the one pocket division is going on with a little over 200 players at the beginning of the round.

The banks division will finish up tonight starting at 5:00 pm. The three remaining players are John Brumback, Rodolfo Luat and Jonathan Hennessee. Luat has the only buyback and he also has the luxury of a bye at 5:00. Brumback will face Hennessee with the winner taking on Luat.

The Fatboy 10-Ball Challenge will also finish up tonight with Ralf Souquet facing Lee Van Cortezza on the TV Table. Souquet eliminated Francisco Bustamante 15-7 and Cortezza eliminated Mika Immonen 15-10 to get to the finals. The winner of tonight's final match will pocket $10,000 while the loser will settle for $5000 in this $1000 entry event. Both Immonen and Bustamante won $2500 for third place.

Tonight is also the night for the Hall of Fame dinner where Jack Cooney, Marvin Henderson and Tony 'Fargo' Ferguson will be inducted.