Derby City Day Three Update

Francisco Bustamante

Day three at the Derby City Classic is winding down and the Bank Pool event is now down to 12 players who will face off on Monday morning.

The line of of matches will be Jason Miller vs Tony Coleman, John Brumback vs Larry Nevel, Truman Hogue vs David Matlock, Francisco Bustamante vs Gerald Reichle, Darryl Abernathy vs Ed Ames and Steve McCaninsh vs Dave Hemmah. The only players left with buybacks are Bustamante, Matlock and Miller.

The One pocket event got started on Sunday with a record field of 356 players competing.

We have a photo gallery from Day one of the event online now, and will be posting a photo gallery from day two later tonight.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe