Brian Gregg Stuns Daulton For Derby Ring Game Win

Brian Gregg

Day two at the Derby City Classic is complete and the night ended with a stunning come-from-behind win by Brian Gregg of Indianapolis in the Bank Pool Ring Game.

Truman Hogue, Ike Runnels, Tony Coleman and Grady Mathews were all eliminated early leaving Shannon Daulton and Gregg still playing for the $12,000. With Daulton holding a huge lead at $10300 to $1700, tournament director Scott Smith invoked his right to raise the amount each ball was worth and he consulted with Gregg before agreeing to play for $800 a ball. Gregg then turned his game up a couple notches, and started banking in ball from everywhere. "I just had to find the center of the pocket, and then I was ok" said Gregg. Gregg came back from the deficit and pocketed thirteen balls to win the game. At one time, Gregg ran seven straight balls in route to the victory.

Meanwhile, the bank pool section of the tournament will be starting round five on Sunday morning with approximately 100 players still competing. Buddy Hall was eliminated after losses to Francisco Bustamante and David Matlock. Matlock also eliminated Corey Deuel.

The one pocket event gets underway on Sunday and will surely be full of top players hoping to win the $25,000 Master of the Table prize.

Check out Diana Hoppe's photo gallery from day one of the event and look for more pics to be posted Sunday.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe