Derby City Day Two: Morra Shows Heart

LIVE from the Horseshoe Southern Indiana Resort and Casino, Elizabeth, IN

Day two allows the worldwide competitors to settle in over their jet lag, adjust to the freeze of the Kentucky winter…and their stroke; Blood pressure is lowering and bank accounts are rising.
The George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge
The George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge begins today!
14.1 enthusiasts hunt to run as many balls as they can and the highest 8 switch to a single elimination format until the winner is honored on Saturday.
See it live at
Diamond BIG Foot 10-Ball Challenge.
The single elimination, all balls count, shoot-out began with the return of Alex Pagulayan and Jayson Shaw to the Accu-Stats Arena and  Internet stream.
The all balls count, rather than the usual call shot of pro 10-Ball competition, has a caveat: The 10 on the break is respotted and the breaker continues shooting.
Alex having returned from his foray into the world of big money snooker managed to qualify for all IBSF snooker events in 2015. That means he'll be hanging out the likes of Ronnie O'Sullivan, Neil Robertson, and Mark Selby. And with a 300,000 pounds for a World title win, who can blame him.
But let's face it, winning the Diamond Derby City Classic Master of the Table award offers the best prize money in Pro Pool so, that's about 50,000+ reasons to be here.
Plus, if one can take the BIG Foot title, that'll pocket an additional $16,000.
Jayson Shaw, just coming for back to back Turning Stone wins should have been feeling pretty confident but he confessed that BIG Foot got to him. "It's surprisingly different from a 9 foot. I haven't had much opportunity to compete on the 10-foot so, I was happy that I got 8 games."
Alex, on the other hand, had experience as he had competed in a previous Accu-Stats Invitational BIG Foot event.
After his seemingly, stress-free, 11-8 win a fan commented that he really looked comfortable out there. Alex responded, "I may have looked comfortable on the outside, but inside, I was shaking with butterflies."
Against Bustamante, John Morra began with an ominous scratch on the opening break. Busty took full advantage and was soon ahead 6-1. 
Morra, normally unemotional, was showed frustration as he was still scratching and, after a miscue,  hunched over and pounded the table with his fist.
Busty was now confident–maybe a little too confident; He missed a 9 that would, he felt, at 7-1, cinched the match.
But John Morra is man of different mettle.
A player, rejuvenated, stepped to the table. By the time John got to 6 Bustamante had garnered only two more games. Bustey then got to 10 and was breaking: He scratched! John ran out. At 10-10, a safety battle ensued that had the audience gasping. Morra nipped and ducked and soon secured that golden moment; Ball in hand. His inner strength came shining through and campy ran the remainder of the rack…and the match. The American Heart Association has a new poster boy: John Morra.
His emotions now allowed a smile. When asked, "What's your secret?, he responded, "Never give up!"
Johnny Archer has no give-up in him either. But against some devastating rolls and Shane Van Boening's ball splattering break, he was rendered helpless.
Shane looked like he was breaking on a bar box; Balls, "Opened like an umbrella." as Accu-Stats' commentator Danny Diliberto so eloquently states.
Shane knows how to close the deal; Johnny was soon put out of his misery. You can be assured, in the coming days, he'll be looking for a rematch on the 9 foot.
The Accu-Stats DVD library has a new addition, Mexico's Ruben Batista. A short time in the States, Ruben has already secured a semi-final finish in a MEZZ State Tour stop and a runner-up at the Hard Times 10-Ball Open on the West Coast.
Speaking of MEZZ, his opponent in the last round of the evening, was very a happy Jason Klatt. Jason had just renewed his player representative contract with MEZZ. "I'm happy they renewed," he commented, "After playing with my MEZZ for about 5 years now, I wouldn't know how to shoot with anything else."
it showed. An admittedly very nervous Batista took a while to overcome his opening round jitters under the Accu-Stats lights but, it was a little to late to catch the confident Klatt.
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Diamond Derby City Classic XVII: Bank Pool Division.
After a grueling two days of. "When's the redraw or, when do I play,"  413 Bankers where whittled down to about 100, 40 of whom still have a buy-back.
Efren, Orcollo, Justin Hall, Shannon Daulton, Brandon Shuff, Mika Immonen, Warren Kiamco, John Brumback, Jason Miller, and John Morra, to name few, are still undefeated.
The upsets continued as Skyler Woodward went two and out; his last loss to Rob Hart. Shane was also two and out. Alex Olinger had that honor but there is no shame in it. Alex is no stranger to high drama. As a White Diamond, Brickyard, and Shooters, Olathe, KS titlist, he doesn't rattle.
Unofficial Banks Ring Game
Skyler Woodward redeemed himself. After the shock of two and out in the Banks Division he headed straight to he a somewhat impromptu Banks Ring Game with Mike Delawder, Billy Thorpe, Danny Smith and Richie Richeson.
The $2,000 a man, winner-take-all, race to 100 rails is a somewhat new format. Each rail counts as one, so if you pocket a two railer and then a 3 railer then, you only have 95 more rails to go. Fun huh?
As was mentioned, Skyler redeemed himself. With runs like a 13 and then a 7, he was the first man to a 100…and the 10 large.
Don't worry if you missed it. You can be sure that he'll be in attendance in the Accu-Stats Arena for Friday night's official Ring Game.
American Rotation
Mike Dechaine  captured his 3rd, consecutive US American Rotation Championship title by overpowering Jody McLaughlin.
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