Derby City Underway

Last year's Banks winner Larry Price

The madness that is the Derby City Classic kicked off on Friday at the Horseshoe Casino Hotel in New Albany Indiana, and the new location for the event has not seemed to affect the turn-out in any way with 398 players competing in the banks division.

We have a list of completed matches as well as matches still to be played today, but we do not expect an update on these lists until Saturday morning.

Notable players to suffer first round losses include Larry Price, Francisco Bustamante, Marcus Chamat, Karen Corr, Jeanette Lee, Grady Mathews, Austin Murphy and Nick Varner.

Players still scheduled to play first round matches on Friday included Efren Reyes, Fred Bentivegna, Charlie Bryant, Tony Chohan, Scott Frost, Gabe Owen, Jose Parica and Shane Van Boening.

For those fans unable to make the trip to Indiana, Accu-Stats and The Action Report have you covered. Accu-Stats will be offering matches from the TV table at and The Action Report will cover all of the side table action at

Completed Round 1 Matches | Upcoming Round 1 Matches