Derby opening for Reyes

Hiroshi Takenaka

The Derby City Classic has one day of play remaining and Hiroshi Takenaka has provided the opening that Efren Reyes needed to give him the possibility of repeating as 'Master of the Table'. Going into the 9-ball event, Jason Miller held a 220 - 125.2 lead over Reyes, but Miller lost to Takenaka in the 8th round of the 9-ball event. It was Miller's second loss as he also lost to Jeremy Jones in the 5th round. As the points list shakes out, Reyes can defend his 'Master of the Table' title with a 1st place finish in the 9-ball event.

Not only does the main event end on Saturday, but the IPT qualifier also takes place with 45 players already signed up to try to earn their place on the International Pool Tour.

Bob Jewett's straight pool event finished up with four players earning cash in the preliminary rounds (Danny Harriman took first in the prelims with a run of 139 for a $2400 payday). In the finals though, it was Thomas Engert with a run of 128 who won the event and the $3600 first prize. Corey Deuel finished in second with a run of 121. The $3550 bonus for all around high run went to Harriman for his 139 in the prelims.

Complete Straight Pool Payouts:
$2400 Danny Harriman 139
$1600 Alex Pagulayan 130
$1100 Corey Deuel 110
$800 Leil Gay 103

$3600 Thomas Engert 128
$2400 Corey Deuel 121
$1600 John Schmidt 87
$1000 Danny Harriman 75
$700 Alex Pagulayan 46

High Run Bonus
$3550 Danny Harriman 139