Details on The First Rack, Inc

My daughter Shannon and I are pleased to announce that we have formed “The First Rack, Inc.” based on the first tee in golf. We are forming this organization for the love of our sport and to rejuvenate the game of pool.  Which, let's face it, is in desperate need of rejuvenation.

“The First Rack, Inc.” was designed to be an organization that will enlist pool rooms across the country to rebuild the sport, these pool rooms will work directly with individuals who may be new to the game, or just want to enhance their skills.

We will have a set of criteria for all pool rooms to follow, so that we can ensure that they are mentoring individuals constructively. They will all be expected to have an instructor and must have a retail department, big or small, that include approved products. The pool rooms will benefit through table time, sales, and also allow an associate individual to receive a discount on pool and or retail, each deciding what is best for business. We can picture hundreds of billiard rooms across America wanting to be involved and rightfully so, as this will improve their business. We are looking to be involved with the right companies that produce low end home billiard tables, low end production cues, low end cases, as well as middle to high end products, and the list goes on and on.

This program will be designed for all ages, not just for kids, as we at Q-Master Billiards, are fortunate to have Craig “Pineapple” Morris as our instructor.  He also gives many lessons to the youth as well as people in their 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's that are new to the game or just want to improve their game.

In order to be an associate individual member there will be a $10.00 per year membership charge.  My son Brady of VBWebsites, will be developing a website for “The First Rack, Inc.” as we want to point people to the affiliated pool rooms in their hometown.

Shannon and I will be discussing “The First Rack, Inc.” with many companies in Chicago July 18-20 at the Trade Show.  The yearly price breakdown for room owners, table manufacturers, cue and case companies are as follows:

*Individual Associate Member - $10 per year

*Billiard Room Member - $100 per year

*Billiard Accessory Company (only two will be chosen) -$1000 per year

*Production Case Company (only two will be chosen) - $1,500 per year

*Production Cue Company (only two will be chosen) - $2,000 per year

*Pool table manufacturer (only two will be chosen) - $5,000 per year

Here is an example of how “The First Rack, Inc.” will work:

Take “Bob”, for example.  Bob is an Individual Associate Member and pays a small fee of $10 per year.   He visits a pool room in his hometown, “Joe's Billiards”.  Joe's Billiards is a Billiard Room member of “The First Rack, Inc.” and has paid his yearly dues of $100 for “Joe's Billiards. Joe offers a discount of his choice to all Individual Associate Members that have the proper “First Rack” credentials; he also has a retail department that sells products from “The First Rack's” Production Case Company, Billiard Accessory Company, and Production Cue Company, and offers a discount of these items to all members.   “Bob” decides that he wants to purchase a pool table for his home, he than approaches, 1 of the 2 “First Rack” Table manufactures to receive a discount on a table.  “Bob” receives all of these privileges just because he is an Associate Member of “The First Rack, Inc.”, again for only $10 per year.

As you can see, this is a Domino positively affects everyone involved. We all must work together as a team for this program to be successful and by doing so; it is a guarantee that will improve the sport. It is a win-win for everyone involved across America and eventually overseas as well.

Shannon and I will be available during or after the show on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for further discussion. If you would like to be onboard, or have questions we encourage you to email us at so that we can schedule a time to meet with you during the trade show. This, again, is only the beginning of an adventure that we know will put more cues in more hands, more tables in homes, and increase revenue in billiard rooms across the country and soon overseas.

My daughter, Shannon, and I will only do this with 100% devotion and we expect the same for those interested parties and individuals coming aboard. This will work if it is done thoroughly by all parties involved.

We thank everyone,

Barry and Shannon