Deuel Defeats Archer in Chesapeake

Corey Deuel

As day four of the US Open draws to a close, the winners side is now down to just sixteen players.

Top players still unbeaten include Corey Deuel, Gabe Owen, Mika Immonen, Earl Strickland, John Schmidt, Ronnie Alcano, Charlie Bryant, Ryan McCreesh, Troy Frank and Darren Appleton. Deuel remained unbeaten via a hill-hill victory over Johnny Archer.

Friday will see winners side matches featuring Gabe Owen vs Corey Deuel, Robb Saez vs Mika Immonen, Troy Frank vs Ryan McCreesh and Earl Strickland vs CJ Wiley.

Thursday play saw the end of the line as top players including Charlie Williams, Allen Hopkins, Tang Hoa and Wade Crane were handed their second losses.

Online brackets are updated and will be updated again on Friday afternoon.