Deuel returns to Seminole Tour Winners Circle

Corey Deuel

A handful of pro players made their way to Capone's Billiards in Spring Hill Florida this weekend for the Seminole Florida Pro Tour's latest tour stop, and most of those pro players struggled early on.

Stevie Moore dropped a 3rd round match to Neal Fujiwara and was then sent home by Dan Lavoie. Tony Crosby lost in round two against Tony Ruberto and was eliminated two matches later by Butch Croft. Mike Davis was on the wrong side of a 7-0 match with Corey Deuel and was knocked out of the event two matches later by George McLanahan.

With so many top pros being eliminated early, it was looking as if it would be two surprise players in the finals. That assumption didn't take Corey Deuel and Charlie Williams into account.

Williams dropped a third round match to Tommy Kennedy, but bounced back with five wins on the left side of the board to earn his spot in the finals.

Deuel may not have looked like the dominating Corey Deuel that fans have seen in the past, but he got things done. Deuel's five match wins on the way to hot-seat were almost all close. Not counting the 7-0 whitewash against Davis, Deuel was the other four matches by a total margin of seven games.

Deuel turned it on when it counted though, as he took the hot-seat with an 8-1 win over Donnie Mills and then dominated Charlie Williams 9-4 in the finals.

Deuel collected $3000 for first place, while Williams settled for $2300 in second place prize money.