Deuel Wins Derby One Pocket

Corey Deuel (Photo courtesy of David Thomson


Day seven of the 15th Derby City Classic would start with eight players remaining in the One Pocket competition but at the end of the day it would come down to three. The first semi-final match would have Shane Van Boening playing Corey Deuel with Francisco Bustamante getting the Bye.  The match started with game one being a true safety battle going almost one and half hours with Shane Van Boening taking the lead 1 to 0. The second game would go to Corey in a short fifteen minutes. But Shane Van Boening, the 2011 and 2012 One Pocket Champion, would take the next two games to put Corey on his first loss.

Round 13 was another three man draw and Corey Duel got the bye.  Round 13 would not be as lucky for Shane Van Boening getting eliminated in third place by Francisco Bustamante 3 to 0, setting up the final between Francisco Bustamante and Corey Deuel.  Corey played a great first game taking it 8 to 0 setting the tone for the match. The second game Bustamante looked to be making a comeback but Corey closed it out 8 to 3 to go on the hill.  And in the third game of the match Bustamante made a critical mistake and Corey Deuel closed out the match 8 to 0, to take the 2013 DCC One Pocket Championship.

Bustamante’s continued play in the 9 Ball event, coupled with his second place finish in the One Pocked and his win of the 9-Ball Banks, locks him for the All Around Championship.

The other main event 9 Ball would be going into Friday with almost three rounds completed in the field of 285.

The “Big Foot” Ten Ball saw the completion of the round of eight to set up the semi-finals and finals for Friday. Eliminated on Thursday were Alex Pagulayan, Thorsten Hohmann, Stuart Pettman and Shane Van Boening, all going home with $2500. The two semi-final matches on Friday with the looser getting $5000 each are set for Niels Feijen versus Ronnie Alcano and Johnny Archer versus Dennis Orcollo. The finals will follow in Friday with first placing taking home $20,000 and second place taking $10,000. The Semi-Finals and Finals will be streamed PPV on Accu-Stats.