Deuel wins Jacksonville Open

Tony Crosby, Jeff Scott and Corey Deuel

Bankshot Billiards in Jacksonville Florida played host to a $2000 added open tournament on September 1st that managed to stay low enough on the radar to draw out only 30 players for the event. Though the field may have lacked volume, the amount of talent was hardly diminutive. Heavy hitters included snooker pro turned Florida shark Tony Crosby and the Prince of Pool himself, Corey Deuel. Stalking through the field also were the always threatening Florida talents Butch Croft, Dave Grossman and Neil Fujiwara. The race to 7 on the winners side and 5 on the losers side format gave anyone with a little bit of skill and a moment of clarity an opportunity to oust one of the top dogs and battle their way into the money, but this tournament proved the old saying true; the cream always rises to the top.

Deuel skated through the field for a chance to play for the winner's bracket utilizing a rarely seen power break and some cagey offensive play. Deuel's opponent on the winner's side final proved to be none other than the Sniper Tony Crosby, who picked off opponents convincingly on his way to the top, carrying enough momentum and ammunition into his match with Deuel to gun down the Prince 7-4. Deuel rebounded after the loss and took out Neil Fujiwara, who battled through the likes of Butch Croft and Mike Staubes, to earn another shot at the Sniper in the extended race to 9 format. Though the momentum shifted back and forth between Crosby and Deuel, a couple of atypical misses by Tony Crosby and some intrepid run outs by the Prince continually allowed Deuel to strike and capitalize, eventually sealing the deal with a 9-8 victory. All the players in the tournament wish to thank room owner Jeff Scott for hosting a much appreciated event.