Diamond Billiards Shines for Seminole Pro Tour

Johnny Archer will face Mika Immonen on Saturday morning

With 50 players in the field, Diamond Billiards has turned out the largest tournament to date this season. This room location has been extremely popular the last few years, and this tournament is no different. Not only is the tournament heavy in size, but the talent level in the field is stunning. Upon entering the pool room you'll find Mika Immonen, Shane Van Boening, Johnny Archer, Corey Deuel, Scott Frost, Larry Nevel, Mike Davis, Stevie Moore, Charlie Williams and several other World Champion speed players. This tournament will be an all out display of top level ten ball.

Tomorrow morning has some great matches in the books. Bright and early at 11 am former world champions Johnny Archer and Mika Immonen will duke it out on the winner's side in a race to 7. The crowd will no doubt have more than their fair share of matches to enjoy as the tournament progresses.

Special thanks to James Oswalt and Ward for hosting such a successful event this season. His plasma TV laden pool room is a real treat for anyone wishing to stop by and sweat all the action. His quality staff provides excellent service and is extremely hospitable. Also, we'd like to thank the Seminole Tribe of Florida for sponsoring another impressive ten ball tournament. Their support has been quintessential in the evolution of modern day pool from 9 ball to 10 ball. Stay tuned for the next update on tournament play.

Tournament Brackets