Digital Pool Welcomes Savannah Easton to Team

Savannah Easton

Digital Pool would like to welcome Savannah “The RoadRunner” Easton as the newest member to the Digital Pool Pro Team! At only 12 years old she is a fierce competitor and has really been making quite a name for herself over the past year by being a positive influence for the game and competing in many pro-level events all across the country. She has already won several national titles at the BEF Junior Nationals this year and she is looking to secure a few more at the upcoming SVB Junior Open and WPA Predator World Junior 9-Ball Championships. Savannah has a very bright future ahead and we look forward to supporting her in achieving all of her goals and dreams. Welcome to the team Savannah!

Savannah Easton, aka Roadrunner, born and raised in Las Vegas, started learning the concept of pool at the age of 4 by watching her dad, Larry, played at home. She was a leisure home player on and off between the years. Because she was involved in many other sports like baseball and ice hockey, competing in pool never crossed her mind. In July 2021, at the age of 11, she decided to compete in BEF Junior Nationals as her first tournament, although she did not place that year, it spiked her interest in continuing to compete. She continued to practiced at home, placed in many local adult tournaments, ladies tournaments, started to travel for junior international championship and was invited to multiple WPBA events. In June 2022, her second time entering the BEF Junior Nationals, she accomplished both 18 and under Girls 8 ball as well as 14 and under Girls 9 ball National Champion titles. It took her exactly 11 months to achieve her first goal.
Nothing is going to stop Savannah from moving forward. Playing players heads up and a willingness to challenge anyone (even Shane VanBoening or Jayson Shaw) to a set. She plays well under pressure and thrives on competition.
Savannah is also aligned with Predator Cues, KAMUI Brand, Jam Up Apparel, Golden State Billiard Supply, Salotto, Predator Billiard Arena Light, Iwan Simonis Ride the 9 Tour and Griff’s Bar & Billiards. Give Savannah a follow – enjoy her enthusiasm, skill and energy for pool! BEEP BEEP!

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  1. She kicked some serious ass this weekend.

    Beat Sofia Mast, Laura Smith, Emily Daddy, Monica Webb (!?!?) and Dawn Hopkins.

    The kid is a Fargo 540 and she was in the 400's just a few months ago.

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