DMIRO Tour Canceled

It is with sadness that we are issuing this letter to inform everyone that the Allen Hopkins Presents: Tiger Products & Team DMIRO's Nationwide 10-ball Tour is being canceled.  This was a painfully, yet financially sound decision as recent events did not have the large turn-out we had expected.  At the beginning of this operation we as a “Team” were supposed to have the best tour around, and a tour that everyone would want to play on.  We had the game people wanted to play and the rules the players wanted.  On top of it all we had a format that was tailored for the masses; where an amateur player had a chance to win prize money at a pool tournament.

I will be overseas in Haiti for a 1 year contract. I will be leaving for Haiti sometime next week. I have tried to find a fill in for the remainder of the tournaments, however, found no replacements. Therefore they will be canceled too. Questions or concerns can be directed to my e-mail at which will be addressed one-by-one.

I have made a great many new friends and all of you know how hard I worked to make this tour a success.  Please note that as the Team DMIRO Tour is canceled my affiliation with Mr. Hopkins is no more. It was my personal commitment, to all players; that they knew when they came to an event it ran that it was run with creditability and integrity first.  Which is what I will continue to do with all future tournaments.  In the future, I will be organizing several large tournaments as single events rather than a tour.  As it stands there are plans for two – three events with 10-25K added.  As plans progress further statements will be released with event details.

Anyone who has been responsible for the operations of a tour knows how difficult it is.  My hat goes off to Tony Crosby, Tony Robles, and Mike Zuglan, who in my opinion are the best tournament directors out there and they have the best tours around. I encourage everyone to join their tours and play their events as they are great.  I have played on all their tours multiple times and enjoy each tournament.

This tour was a dream of mine, I had fun doing it, I had a great time on the road with all of my friends. Thank you all!

Last, but not least is the great thanks due to the tour sponsors, without them none of this would have been possible.  Thank you to Corey at Tiger Products, for being there.  Jayme at McDermott cues has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  Terry at Delta 13 thanks for everything!  In addition a thank you to Hammond Custom Cues, Neil is the best custom cue maker I have meet yet!  Thanks to Tony at Zinzola custom cues.  Diekman cue builder and OB Cues, many thanks as well! To AZBilliards and Mike Howerton thanks for the help with the website and all the work you have done.

Mike Andrews, Tour Founder/Owner/Tour Director