Morra wins DMIRO Tour Stop

Mike Davis, Mike Andrews, Rocky McElroy and John Morra

Thanksgiving Day Weekend a star studded field piled in to Capone's
Billiards in Spring Hill, Florida. The field consisted of Donnie
Mills, Mike Davis, John Morra, John Macias, Rafael Martinez, and
Richie Richeson. Not to mention local favorite Dave Ross and Travis

Since Team DMIRO did not have enough open/pro players to fill two
brackets the field played in 1 bracket by random draw.

Sunday afternoon Team DMIRO brought back the final 4 players to battle
it out for the nearly $3,000 prize pool. Mike Davis and Richie
Richeson on the winner side playing for the hot seat, and John Morra
and Donnie Mills on the 1 loss side. John Morra was sent to the 1 loss
side by Mike Davis who won 7-4 and Donnie Mills was sent to the 1 loss
side by Tony Crosby.

For the hot seat Mike Davis defeated Richie Richeson 9-7. After a
tied 4-4 game Davis was able to pull ahead 7-4 and finally won the set
9-7. Davis awaited the hot set for John Morra who first defeated
Donnie Mills 9-6 and Morra defeated Richeson 9-7.

The final match was between Morra and Davis 1 race to 13. Davis had an
early lead 3-0 and Morra came back to tie it 3-3 and they exchanged
racks making it 4-4. They exchanged two more racks making it 6-6. Then
Morra ran two racks making it 8-6 Morra. Then after a missed jump shot
by Davis, Morra was ahead 10-8 and sealed the deal at 13-8 Morra. John
Morra was crowed champion of Capone's for this tour stop.

Team DMIRO, Capone's and all the players would like to thank the
sponsors Tiger Products, McDermott Cues, OB Cues, Delta 13 Racks,
Hammond Custom Cues, Zinzola Custom Cues, Donnelly Custom Cues, and
Deikman Cue Builder for their support of the Team DMIRO Nationwide
10-ball Tour.