Dominguez scores controversial Riverside win

Ernesto Dominguez

Ernesto Dominguez came back from the one-loss side to score a controversial win at the $10,000 added 9-Ball event at Shooters in Riverside.

Dominguez lost to Arizona's Jimmy Mendoza on the winners side, but navigated his way through the one-loss side to get back to the finals. In the quarter finals, Dominguez was tied at 6-6 with Danny Medina and it looked like the match was over with Medina running out the final rack. Medina had a close call on a shot, and Dominguez thought it was a foul and picked up the cue-ball to take ball-in-hand. Neither player could agree as to whether the shot was a foul or not, so the tournament director decided to allow the players to play a race to 3 to determine the match winner. Dominguez won that race 3-1 to eliminate Medina.

Dominguez then defeated Lorry DeLeon in the semi-finals and Rafael Martinez 11-10 in the finals.

Dominguez pocketed $4000 for first, while Martinez took home $3000 for second. DeLeon and Medina filled out the top four spots.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe