Dominiak Cues Launches New Amateur Tour For Northeast/New England

William Dominiak of and Kevin Vidal of have teamed up to bring a new Amateur 10-Ball Tour to the Northeast/New England area. Dominiak Cues as tour sponsor, Kevin Vidal as tour director, along with several generous host rooms have created The Dominiak Cues Northeast Amateur 10 Ball Tour. “We felt there was a need for a platform purely for the amateur player to have an affordable quality tour to attend and compete in a format that allows amateur players to enjoy competition and hone their skills, a stepping stone if you will” says tour director Kevin Vidal. Each tour stop will have a entry fee of $35 that includes table time, all women and all players under 18 (juniors) will have no entry fee, but do pay the $10 greens fee. Players considered of “B” level skills and below, along with league players will now have a tour they can call their own! Players considered to be “A” or “Pro” level are not eligible for the tour.

100% of entry fees will be paid back at each tour stop along with a brand new Dominiak Cue to each winner for each tour stop! Tour memberships will be required for all entries, either a full tour membership or 1-day memberships will be available. Memberships are discounted for women and juniors, as well as free entry fee for women and juniors at each tour stop. Currently there are 7 Dominiak Cue Tour stops planned and a grand finale for the 2009 season, with the first stop kicking off January 10th at The Billiards Café in Ayer, Ma. All tour stops with the exception of the grand finale will be 1 day events on either a Saturday or a Sunday with doors opening at 11am and play starting at noon. Top 100 player rankings will be kept and be determined by points earned at each tour stop and will be displayed on our official website. For tour dates and locations along with all tour info please visit the official website for the tour .

Kevin and William are encouraging all northeast amateur players to come out and support the new tour and have some fun!

All inquiries please email Kevin Vidal at