Donna Bendiksen wins Maine Ladies 9-Ball Championship

The Maine Womens 9-Ball States took place Sunday March 27th at Racks Sports Bar and Grill  on St John Street in Portland Maine.

The final 4 players were Taylor Reynolds and Pauline McGrath, 1st and 2nd place winners of the NE Women's 9-ball Tour, and a new face Melissa Harmon in the losers bracket with Donna Bendiksen waiting in the hot seat.

McGrath took Reynolds out beating her 5-1 with  4-9 combo shot. She then moved on to Harmon losing 3-5 to give her 3rd place. Harmon and Bendiksen had a great match taking it to the hill before a safe went wrong for Harmon and Bendiksen ran out to win 7 - 6. 

The Womens 8 ball will be held in the near future and also ustreamed. The Men's State 9 ball Championships is set to begin April 9th & 10th.