Don’t Look Too Far Away From Home

One of the most often suggested actions for sponsorship of billiard events is to look outside the industry itself for sponsors. One key to the success of this idea is to make certain that the sponsorship is offered to companies with demographics that are similar to those of billiards. According to this article in Forbes, sponsors are branching out in efforts to more accurately hit their target audiences.


So some sponsorships just make sense for billiards. Companies that cater to the risk-taker profile of cuesport enthusiasts are naturals. We have enjoyed long-term sponsorships from cigarette companies such as Embassy in Europe and RJ Reynolds here in America as well as from the brewing industry for many years from the 60’s through the 90’s. Television advertising restrictions have harmed many of those relationships but now we have an expanding universe of casinos that are seeking access to the worlds of Billiards, Pool and Snooker. 


As pool fans, we want to encourage sponsorships from companies such as this. Check out this review of 888 Casino (their ratings are impressive) and support any business that you see sponsors the game. If we reward companies for their participation we will provide the grass-roots support required to grow the sport. 


Pool events in America are now most often held in Sponsoring Casinos. Overseas you have progressive companies like 888 Casino that have gotten tremendous exposure form their sponsorship of snooker events.  In 2014 alone they have been Title Sponsor of the Snooker Shootout in Blackpool, the Champion of Champions spectacular in Coventry and the World Senior Championships. These titles garnered 888 Casinos print, web and television exposure to an audience perfectly targeted for their business.