Doom and Dragon in Virginia

Predator Pro Challenge & School at Guys & Dolls

Roanoke, VA
– With the collaborative efforts of Guys & Dolls Billiards and Dragon Promotions, the highly successful Predator Pro Challenge continues its tour through some of the most popular pool and billiards towns throughout the country.  15-time World Champion, Allison Fisher will be appearing and performing at Guys & Dolls Billiards on March 21st.  Also, featuring in this event is top professional Charlie Williams, more recently, the Captain of Team USA of the Mosconi Cup.  This duo of top caliber skill and championship character will have Guys & Dolls Billiards full of avid players, amateurs, and pro-pool hopefuls from all around the Roanoke area.  There will be a chance for fans to register and personally meet and be coached by both pros earlier in the day! The event begins at 7:00pm and are absolutely free to watch and brought to you by Simonis Cloth, Master Chalk, and Software Techniques.

" Here's an exciting break from March Madness for sports minded people in Virginia.  Allison Fisher and Charlie Williams will offer entertaining insights and instructions to players of all levels at the Predator Pro Challenge & School.  On behalf of Predator Group, thank you Allison, Charlie, Guys & Dolls and the sponsors for making this fun, fan-oriented event happen.  As always, we're excited to see people having a great time playing pool and we know this event will create some great memories", said John Forrester, Chairman of Predator Group

John Joplin, the owner of Guys & Dolls Billiards, owned his first poolroom in 1966, and he has been in this business ever since.  Guys & Dolls Billiards is one of the last remaining classic American poolrooms.  No alcohol and drunk bangers here, just serious pool.  This place has risen generations of strong pool players over its time and is still flourishing.  There has been so much history in America from poolrooms like these, and we're hoping to see continuing traditions and hear more from Guys & Dolls Billiards in the future decades to come.

 “I just want people to come and enjoy pool, have fun.  Here, I get to take part in showing players a glimpse of the world of professional pool” , said Joplin. He adds “I'm an antique.  Been here for a long time.  I've been here to raise some good players, see their children start playing with their family, and even see their children's children playing!  hahaha (laughs out loud)  ...and I want to know it will keep going on.”
 “John has been a strong supporter of Dragon Promotions for several years, now.  Not only is he an adept entrepreneur, but also he is a wonderfully humble character who is exceedingly generous to the community he is serving.  He has two world-class champion pros showing up at his pool hall, and he's not worried at all about charging anyone to come and see the show!  He's doing this for more than just tangible reasons. It's something we hope inspires more room owners nationwide to bring the fun of pool back into the spotlight", says Joe Lee of Dragon Promotions Player Management.
To sign up for the Predator Pro School which will be from 2pm-6pm.  Please email or call Guys & Dolls (540) 981-1600 or call DP at 1-407-782-4978 Allison Fisher and Charlie Williams are a part of Dragon Promotions and its top elite stars including Mika Immonen of Finland, Rodney Morris of USA,  Shanelle Loraine of Guam, Mike Davis of the USA, and USA's Johnny Archer.  Visit and watch the 10 year anniversary music video with hundreds of the worlds most famous players.
Allison Fisher and Charlie Williams have been sought after for shows,sponsorships and speaking engagements. Both professionals are experienced commentator and sports analyst for television including shows on ESPN, ESPN Star Asia, and ABS-CBN. Williams and Fisher has instructed in pool schools, clinics, and given private lessons. For information on booking Ms.Fisher or Mr. Williams please contact Dragon Promotions at 1-407-782-4978 or e-mail

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