WPA and Dragon Promotions Announce Women’s World Ten Ball Sanctioning

The WPA is pleased to announce that it has sanctioned the upcoming Dragon Promotion's event as the WPA Women's World 10-Ball Championship. A lot of good will come about from this event, not only by establishing another world championship event for women, but to help strengthen the women's international program. The WPA has five major events available for women this year, starting with the Amway World 9-Ball Open in Taiwan 26 April - 3 May; followed by the Philippine Open in Manila 26 - 31 May; then the Women's World 10-Ball Championship in Manila 1-6 June; the China Open in Shanghai 8 - 14 June; then the Women's World 9-Ball Championship in China, 28 September - 4 October.

Ian Anderson, President of the WPA states: "I am very pleased that we were able to sanction this event. It is a great boost for women's pool, and will help with the establishment of the Ranking List for women, just the same as has been introduced this year for men. We certainly appreciate the efforts of Dragon Promotions through their two principles, Charlie Williams and Cindy Lee, for the earnest effort they are putting into women's pool."

Cindy Lee, President of Dragon Promotions, added: "We at Dragon Promotions appreciate the hard work put forth by both entities in making this into a sanctioned event.  This was truly a step in the right direction in helping Billiards grow in these tough times."
This is a great opportunity for the women who can come to Manila for the Philippine Open, play the following week in the Women's World 10-Ball Championship and then across to China for the inaugural China Open.