Statement from the WPA Concerning the Upcoming Dragon Promotions Event

It is with regret that the WPA cannot proceed with the sanctioning of the upcoming Dragon Promotions event in Manila that was announced by them a few days ago. We are aware that the dates of this event will clash with an event we have already sanctioned, the Philippine Open, that is open to male and female players, and we would expect our members will support the Philippine Open.
It is unfortunate that Dragon Promotions chose dates that were already reserved and announced. Despite assurances from Dragon Promotions to the WPA that the local WPA member, the BSCP, would have no objections to Dragon Promotions conducting their event at the same time in the same city, this didn't prove to be right when the BSCP was asked for confirmation about this claim. The BSCP replied saying they were totally opposed to another event being conducted on the same dates as the Philippine Open, but had no objection to a women's event being staged in the Philippines at some other time.
The purpose of the WPA calendar is not only to display events that are being planned or confirmed, but to assist those who are looking to schedule an event.
Our continental members are very upset with this attempt by Dragon Promotions to stage an event in competition to another that has already been sanctioned, in particular the claim by Dragon Promotions to call its tournament a world championship with or without WPA sanctioning. Pool is no different to any other sport in that before an event can be considered a proper world championship it needs the sanction of the governing body along with the other necessary ingredients.
It is our hope that promoters will find it logical and beneficial to support the efforts of one another and not schedule tournaments on the same dates as other promoters, and certainly not in the same city, country, or even part of the world. Those types of actions that cause clashes are unhealthy and detrimental to the sport.