Doug Jerrold bounces back for Richmond Tour Victory

With the races in town and lots other activities on this warm sunny day we had a small but enthusiastic group of players that showed up ready to play!

Josh Aman had his best day yet. He went undefeated to claim the hot seat.  Meanwhile Doug Jerrold was also playing fantastic on this day. Doug racked up one victory after another until he lost to Josh for the hot seat, then worked his way back for a rematch for the finals.  This time Doug pulled off a big upset and won the final match with a 7-3 win!

Josh also was one of the lucky winners to get a chance to break the Big Rack. He made a ball on the break and then was able to make two balls to pocket an extra $70

Reminder our next 9 Ball Tournament will be this coming Saturday at the Side Pocket.
Doors will open at 10AM for practice.  The snack bar will be open for breakfast.
Deadline for sign up is 12 Noon      Come join us for great competition and Fun