Dr. Cue Classic “Artistic” Cups Runneth Over

One of the most unique and highly spirited sporting events in the history of the billiard industry took place on January 5, 6, and 7, 2008 at the Derby City Classic in Louisville, KY. The Dr. Cue Classic “Artistic” Cup, the signature event of the Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Pool Tour showcased some of the greatest players from the professional side of “trick shots and so much more” under the APTSA (Artistic Pool and Trick Shot Association) umbrella, as well as top players from the BCAPL, VNEA, ACS, and APA and other entry points.

Eighteen amateurs and eighteen pros from every corner of the US played side by side for 3 days on 7 foot Diamond tables, using 40 high percentage make rate “classic” shots selected by “Dr. Cue”. A determined and “classy” APPA (Artistic Pool Playing Artists) crusader force showcased a “class” act of billiard skills from each of the 8 magnetic disciplines of “artistic pool” – 1) Trick / Fancy Shots, 2) Prop, Novelty, and Special Arts, 3) Draw Shots, 4) Follow Shots, 5) Bank / Kick Shots, 6) Stroke Shots, 7) Jump Shots, and 8) Masse Shots.

Over $20,000 in guaranteed payouts with each place receiving a monetary payback, no charge raffle ticket drawings for sponsored cues by McDermott, a special Dr. Cue “Goodie” Bag, attractive Cup trophy awards, and beautiful certificates of participation all produced player and fan friendly opportunities in a reunion style billiard atmosphere.

January 4th offered a full day of practice with an enlightening “open” forum training session in the evening for anyone needing some “last minute” tuning to their “artistic pool” skills. Round 1 began on schedule as the 1st envoy of 18 players in 6 – 3 player groupings entered the arena to perform the 1st 2 disciplines of challenge. The remaining 18 players followed shortly thereafter.

Day 1 ended with a special Entertainment, Autograph, and Media night extravaganza of several “artistic pool” performing players contributing their best shots for 3 hours of fun and flair to a standing room only crowd. Rick “The Barber” Hawkinson was the Master of Ceremonies and producer of this “never to be forgotten” entertainment experience. The demonstrations of this consummate pool shooting entertainer are something you must see to believe. To accent the evening's festivities audience members were given the opportunity to share a shot of their choice for free sponsored prizes.

2007 WPA World “Artistic Pool” Champion Andy “Magic Man” Segal seemed to have a lock on first place for the entire tournament with WPA World Masse Champion Eric “Preacher” Yow, WPA World Jump Champion Mark “Dr. Popper” Dimick, and a disciplined VNEA International “Artistic Pool” Champion by the name of Jamie “Bayou Bullet” Moody, sponsored by Sharky's Machine of Houston, TX in close pursuit.

January 7, 2008 made “artistic pool” history as the largest field ever to play a final Round 4 using the “original format” of our sport was about to unfold. An overall champion would be determined based on the most points scored after all 40 challenges were complete. An ultimate fan friendly experience unfolded as the top 6 scoring players battled side by side on 2 tables. The NASCAR / Kentucky Derby effect of “racing to the victory circle”, shot attempt by shot attempt, brought with it an excitement of player challenge magnetically special to “artistic pool”.

ESPN Trick Shot Magic and WPA World “Artistic Pool” multiple champion Mike “Tennessee Tarzan” Massey and Masters Follow Champion Bill “Mynah Bird” Meima joined Segal, Yow, Dimick, and Moody in a spectacular demonstration of shot making skills and in handling the pressure of the moment, as a single shot made could mean a positional payout difference of over $1250.00. With “jump shots” and “masse shots” setting the competitive pace now, each player would be challenged to the limit and would have to withstand the ever present “see – saw” scoring display before them. There was an excitement to it all as players in the arena registered scores for “in the RACK Room” posting and other players such as Charles “Spitball Charlie” Darling “waited to see” if his claim on one of the top 6 places would be beaten by those left on the course, so to speak.

The pressure of each shot grew as the players battled for prize money, the beautiful “Artistic” Cup trophies, and the prestige of winning the 1st ever Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup event title.

“Spitball Charlie” would lose a trophy spot if both Meima and Massey made the final challenge. Meima hit the floor in excitement as he made the shot on the 3rd attempt. Massey, a “champion of champions” remained humble in his quest for victory after 3 valiant efforts failed. Darling had now secured a trophy spot.

Dimick missed but had assured himself a trophy and a good payday. Moody experienced a successful 3rd attempt make, placing him at 189 and tied with Yow. If Yow missed in his 3 attempts, Moody would take second place by virtue of making more 1st attempts than Yow in the overall program. Yow approached the table, joked with the audience to help calm himself, took a deep breath, and “Pow” – A 1st attempt victory! Players and fans went wild as the “Bayou Bullet” applauding the “Preacher's” accomplishment.

Segal secured an event victory by making the shot on the 1st attempt with resolve and great composure. Breaking the 200 point barrier by 1 point “The Magic Man” received a standing ovation for winning. Congratulations, Andy!!!!

The “beauty, promise, and vision” of “artistic pool” was reinforced once again with its eight discipline titles – 4 of them by determined amateurs and 4 of them from the focused pro side. During the entire event a special room of rest, relaxation, and refreshment was setup called the RACK Room. Players and fans were welcome throughout the event to this room for various functions, including a Sunday morning fellowship service for anyone desiring to attend.

Each player in positions 7 thru 36 received a candy filled Artistic Cup with respective position prize money inside, so everyone participating in the competition got a “taste” of this great event in more ways than one. Congratulations to all the players!!!!

Marty and I want to express our sincere thanks to the sponsors, players, fans, and volunteers that made the Dr. Cue Classic “Artistic” Cup a huge success and resounding victory for our sport.