Dragon on the ropes in Cardiff

Charlie Williams

Two time Mosconi Cup rep Charlie Williams is on the verge of becoming the first big name casualty at the CIA after a disastrous three days that has seen him win just one game from five starts.

Williams, who is also a top man in the American pool players association the UPA, chalked up his first victory this morning against struggling Puerto Rican Alan Rolon but then suffered a shocking set back at the hands of lightly regarded Belgian Pascal Budo.

Williams, 26 from Orlando, Florida needs two wins from his remaining two Judgement Day matches plus a few miracles to stay in the competition.

Elsewhere, Johnny Archer grabbed a lifeline with a 5 - 4 win over Dutchman Rico Diks in an error strewn match. The Scorpion had a similar start to Williams but still has chances to progress to the knock-out stages.

With Judgement Day fast approaching the nerves will be out in force all day tomorrow as borderline players fight it out for those precious slots in the last 64 line-up.

For some though, the sweat will be off. Players like Souquet, Reyes and Davis have done all the hard work, having won enough matches over the first three days to have secured the points necessary to put them out of harms way.

At the other end of the scale, some players have just never got going at the CIA and they will a have nothing to worry about as they are already out of the tournament.

Home and Dry
Ralf Souquet
Efren Reyes
Roxton Chapman
Thomas Engert
Francisco Bustamante
Satoshi Kawabata
Steve Davis
Warren Kiamco
Ramil Gallego
Jang-su Lee
Chris Melling
Ying-chieh Chen
Fabio Petroni
Max Eberle
Ching-shun Yang
Sin-young Park
Mika Immonen
Hinokiyama Haruyoshi
Teddy Garrahan
Hui kai Hsia
Rico Diks
Sten Jarledal
Tommy Donlon
Alex Pagulayan
Ditto Acosta
Ceri Worts

Dead and Buried
Emile Riera
Art Wiggins
Konstantin Stepanov
Richard Wolff
Mauro Ibarra
Ceri Worts
Ditto Acosta
Bill Ferguson
Brent Wells
Carmine Nanula
Anton Klanfar
Janne Kaipainen
Alan Rolon
Anand Manurat
Choon-kiat Tey
Athanasios Vrakas
Mauro Ibarra
Hanni Al Howri
Juan Antonio Fernandez
Jason Cruz
Hong-jo Jung

Photo courtesy of Matchroom Sport