Dupuis hangs on to win second stop in Lucasi Hybrid NE 9-Ball series

He might have known. On the second stop of the Lucasi Hybrid New England 9-Ball Series on Sunday, September 25, Joe Dupuis was challenged for the hot seat by James Corelle, with a handicapped seven-game advantage. Dupuis just did hang on to win a double hill battle that sent Corelle to the semifinals. Corelle, though, came back to haunt him, taking the opening set of a true double elimination final, and then bringing him to a double hill brink in the second set, before finally giving way. The $500-added event drew 14 entrants to Stix and Stones in Abington, MA.

The writing may have been seen on the wall among the winners' side final four, when Dupuis survived a double hill match against another opponent – Glenn Dennison – with a seven-game advantage. Corelle, in the meantime, moved into the hot seat match on the heels of a shut out over Clyde Matta. Dupuis won the first of three against Corelle, and with something of a "Whew!!" on his breath, waited for him to come back.

Dennison moved over to take on Dan Milligan, who'd gotten by Jason DeAngelo and Dan Tankerly, both double hill. Matta picked up Charlie Matarazzo, who'd downed E. Loring 5-2, and Rick Gatta 5-4. Dennison got into the quarterfinals with a 6-4 win over Milligan, and was joined by Matarazzo, who'd defeated Matta 5-4.

Dennison came out on top in those quarterfinals to meet Corelle in the semifinals. Corelle, anxious for a re-match against Dupuis, ended Dennison's day with a 6-4 win and got his chance. He took full advantage, defeating Dupuis in the opening set of the true double elimination finals 5-9, and then battling him to double hill in the second set. Dupuis, though, hung on and sunk the final ball to capture the event title.