Edwin Garcia wins Scorpions 9-Ball Shoot-out

Fernando Calvo Jr., Harold Acosta, Edwin Garcia and Fernando Calvo Sr.

Yauco, Puerto Rico - Players Sport and Family Entertainment Center is hosted their 3rd Grand Tournament of the year on Sunday, September 14, 2003. Fernando Calvo, owner and proprietor of the place also known as "Players de Yauco" was once again elated with the results of what he called the "Scorpions 9-Ball Shoot-out." The event hosted 17 of the top players of Puerto Rico and the Region.

Javier de Jesus, Luis A. Lasalle, Edgardo "Puruco" Ramirez, Nelson Rivera, Miguel Torres, Efraín "Evangelista" Morales, Javier "Javi" Perez, Edwin "Guimo" Garcia, Enrique Montalvo, Alan Rolón, Antonio Perez, Ramon Perez, Juan "Papín" Rodriguez, Leonides "Nide" Vázquez, Edgardo Irizarry, Eric "El Nene de Caguas" Gonzalez, and Oris "Papo" Lopez rounded up the field for the Tournament. Races were first to 7, single elimination.

Many of these Players have matched against each other during the past months and have gotten to know each other pretty well on the table; however, tournaments are always full of great surprises and this one was not an exception.

Edwin "El Guimo" Garcia, a well known and devastating 8-ball player went undefeated through the rounds into the finals. There he met with Javier "Javi" Perez, another well-known and respected player from the SouthWest region of the Island.

"Guimo" as everyone knows him defeated Nelson Rivera from San Sebastian 7-4, then dispatched Luis Lasalle 7-4, Edgardo "Puruco" Ramirez 7-4 to reach the finals.

"Javi" Perez dispatched Miguel Torres 7-3, Alan Rolón 7-4, and Ramon Perez 7-5 to meet "Guimo" in the finals.

The Championship

The finals was a real thriller; each player very cautious of each other but putting their best games together. The match went hill-hill and Edwin "El Guimo" Garcia ended winning his first major Puerto Rican event in less than a year in which he has been playing competitive 9-Ball. As stated in our previous reports, "Guimo" has established himself as a "new breed" 9-Ball player and will be a force to reckon with in all future Puerto Rican events.

First round results:

Luis Lasalle over Juan "Papín" Rodriguez 7-4, "Guimo" Garcia over Luis Lasalle 7-4, Leonides Vázquez over "Papo" Lopez 7-6, "Puruco" Ramirez over Edgardo Irizarry 7-2, Javier Perez over Miguel Torres 7-3, Alan Rolón over Antonio Perez 7-4, Enrique Montalvo over "Evangelista" Morales 7-4, Ramon Perez over Eric "El Nene de Caguas" Gonzalez 7-6.

2nd Round results:

"Guimo" Garcia over Luis Lasalle 7-4, "Puruco" Ramirez over Leonides Vázquez 7-4, Javi Perez over Alan Rolón 7-5, and Ramon Rivera over Enrique Montalvo 7-5.

Last 4 players in the money….

In the money round, Edwin "Guimo" Garcia had now to face Edgardo "Puruco" Ramirez. Ramirez, who has played steadily for several years now and is the most respected and consistent 9 Ball player in Puerto Rico faced a "worry free" Guimo, who apparently was not intimidated at all with Ramirez' presence. "Guimo" readily dispatched Ramirez 7-4 to await for the results of his next opponent for the Title.

On the other hand, Javier Perez was facing Ramon Perez, a past regional champion from Moca, Puerto Rico. Ramon had earlier dispatched Eric Gonzalez, a top 5 Puerto Rican player with a hill-hill win. Ramon also eliminated Enrique Montalvo to go for the money round. Javier eliminated Alan Rolón, another top 5 player in the previous round; therefore, this match was for a guaranteed 3rd place. The match between Ramon and Javi went hill-hill, with Ramon running the last table when the cue ball positioned itself 24 inches away, at about a 45 degree angle from the 9 ball, and another 24 inches away from the corner pocket. The shot was makeable but somehow Ramon missed the cut and ended leaving the 9 ball hanging in the corner pocket. Needless to say, the "Pool Gods" abandoned Ramon, who was devastated with the incredible miss. Javier putted the 9 to move to the Final Round.

Final Results

Edwin Garcia won $400 for his efforts, a beautiful "Scorpions Break Cue" plus the Championship plaque.

Javier Perez won $250 as Runner-up.

Edgardo "Puruco" Ramirez and Ramon Perez, each won $100 for their third place finish.

Special Mention: Cue Stix International provided a beautiful Black and Silver Rings Break Cue for the winner. Special thanks to them on behalf of Fernando Calvo, owner and President of Players Sports and Family Entertainment in Yauco, Puerto Rico.

Special report and contribution by Harold Acosta - President Puerto Rican Federation of Billiards