Efren Reyes Takes Q-Masters One-Pocket Warm-up

Efren Reyes

This weekend is all about the U.S. Open and with Q-Masters just around the corner in Virginia Beach, Virginia and the best of the best in town, the $1000 added one-pocket warm-up on October 12th and 13th contained many recognizable faces and quite a bit excitement.

The event drew thirty players to play in this double elimination, rotating break tournament. The races were to three/five games and began Friday evening around 8 pm ending late in the day on Saturday.

At the end of the evening on Friday, two rounds were finished up on the winners side and had eight players remaining, including: Efren Reyes v. Marc Vidal; Ronnie Wiseman v. Niels Feijen; Dave White v. Mike Davis; and Francisco Bustamante v. Vince G. These players returned on Saturday to battle through the field for the win.

The notables on the one-loss side included Allen Hopkins, Dave Bollman, Rafael Martinez, Fabio Petroni, Shawn Putnam, Ryan McCreesh, and Robb Saez.

When Saturday rolled around, the fifth/sixth places went to Mike Davis and Ronnie Wiseman courtesy of Rafael Martinez and Robb Saez. Martinez then ended Saez' tournament and moved into the semis against one-loss side winner Efren Reyes. Reyes managed to get past Martinez to seal his spot in the finals against Francisco Bustamante and to ultimately finish out the tournament with a win against Bustamante by a score of 3-1.

Another special treat for those in attendance was John Schmidt's run of 403 balls when he was presented with a new shaft by his recently acquired sponsor OB1 Cues – talk about a great sign of things to come.