Efren Suarez Wins WorldPPA Shootout

Suarez, Beaulieu, Ni

Congratulations to Efren Suarez (AA-), 1st Place  and Wei Ni (A+) 2nd Place winners of this past weekend’s WorldPPA Summer Shootout tournament held at California Billiard Club in Mountain View, California.


113 pool players signed up to battle it out in handicapped 9-Ball, races-to-eight, alternating break and true double elimination format.  Efren Suarez, worked his way to the top spot undefeated winning matches against Shin Hong (B+), Bill Meyers aka “Kentucy” (A-), Sam Panicca (A-), Ed Ramos (AA-), Barney Calip (B), Cary Carmona (B+) and  Riwan Khalil (B) and Wei Ni (A+) in the Finals.

The youngest contestant was Sammy Panicca III (C-) at 9 years old, but with plenty of heart and determination.  I’m looking forward to seeing more of Sammy in the future.  

Our oldest contestant, Don Frank (B) just celebrated his 78th birthday last Thursday!

Of the 113 entries, there were 49-A’s, 42-B’s, 14-AA’s, 4-C’s & 3-AAA’s. Of the 24 winners, 4 were AA’s, 14 were A’s and 6 were B’s. No AAA’s or C’s made it to the money rounds.

The $25 entry fee tournament with 113 players paid out a total of $3,575.00: