Mary Rakin wins WorldPPA Shootout

Bob Beaulieu, Michael Stansbury, Mary Rakin, Chris Swart and Michael Reddick

Mary Rakin, former World Junior Champion, wins WorldPPA Shootout event at California Billiard Club in Mountain View, California on July 23-24, 2011.  103 entries (including Rafael Martinez, Amar Kang, George Michaels, Bryce Avila and more…) played in the handicapped double-elimination, race-to-eight tournament.   Mary Rakin, won all of her matches to the "Hot Seat". Easy Street Billiards owner Michael Stansbury, toughed it out on the one-loss side and made it to the Finals.  

Michael won the first set and everyone watching knew it was going to be a tough battle to the very end.  Giving up a 3 games spot in a race to 8, Mary knew she would need to stay focused for the 2nd and final match.  With the score was tied 4 to 4, most watching thought Mary had the tournament for sure, but that's when Michael Stansbury dug deep and stepped up his level of play.  For each game Mary won, Michael came back with a win of his own; and, the battle continued until the last game where it was  hill-to-hill (7 to 7).  Michael had an opportunity to run out, but his cue ball speed on the 6 ball was a little too soft which forced him to attempt a bank of the 6 ball cross-side; he just barely missed it. Mary seized the opportunity and closed the door to a fantastic tournament. Great playing by both players!

Thanks to Chris Swart, California Billiard Club owner, Michael Reddick and Bob Beaulieu, WorldPPA Founder for running a great tournament.  As always, California Billiard Club provided quality equipment, excellent food and drinks at great prices. The atmosphere and camaraderie was fantastic; players were serenaded by Maestro Al Markasky's guitar playing and singing; Teresa Tong shared some of her delicious special cheese cake (Thanks TT!).   Chris Swart setup a special fund for Jeff Gregory, a favorite top local player going in for heart surgery on Monday; $837 in donations were collected during the tournament for Jeff.  Christ Swart, is also planning on a Special Fund Raising Tournament for Jeff  in August. If anyone wants to make a donation, please send an e-mail to Chris: or call him at: 510-378-6301.  Playing pool is fun and that is exactly what happened at the WorldPPA Shootout.  Check out pictures of players at the Shootout event by pointing your browser to:

For more information about the WorldPPA, contact Bob Beaulieu:, levartze on facebook, join the worldppa group on facebook, go to, or call 408-205-7519