‘El Nino’ Nick van den Berg Delfshaven Champion

|8977|Around midnight on Sunday November 13th, the Delfshaven 9ball Open Championship was decided between 'El Nino' Nick van den Berg and Gijs van Helmond. Van den Berg's game was immaculate. After thirteen hours of non-stop game time, he was still fresh and composed. 'El Nino' dominated with surgical precision, while Van Helmond was struggling with fatigue. Van Helmond only got a few opportunities and capitalized on the occasional fluke. The end result speaks for itself: Nick van den Berg 9-4 Gijs van Helmond.

This first edition of the Delfshaven 9ball Open in Rotterdam (Holland) was a big success with 138 participants enlisted. The prize for 'best lady' was split between European champion Kynthia Orfanidis and Ellen Gouw. The best junior was Tobias Bongers from Germany. He reached 9th place in a field counting international stars, such as multiple European champion Alex Lely, world champions Huidji See and Niels 'The Terminator' Feijen.

The Delfshaven 9ball Open was brought to you by Poolcafé Delfshaven in Rotterdam (Holland) in cooperation with promoter Çakti Aswan and with support of Rotterdam, Jupiler beer, Pool Gear, Kamui, Longoni professional cues and the Dutch Pool Billiards Federation.