Eleanor Callado is Newest Member to Team Str8 Shots

Eleanor Callado (Photo Courtesy of Naomi Manuel)
September 27, 2013 (Colorado Springs, CO): Up and coming member of the WPBA, Eleanor Callado, is the newest member of Team Str8 Shots. She is an amazing young woman who has paid her dues and earned the right to be playing against, as well as standing alongside, the best female professional pool players in the world.
Eleanor Callado is a 2 time BCA Junior National Champion, a 4 Time ACUI National Champion (currently the record holder for most titles won), and has made a splash in the professional arena with wins against much higher ranking professionals such as Jasmin Ouschan, Yu-Ram Cha, Helena Thornfeldt, and Gerda Hofstatter. She is a rising star in the WPBA where she was ranked 55 after her first year and is currently ranked 23.
“We have searched high and low to find the right people to be part of the team and we are thrilled Eleanor agreed to join us. She understands the importance of education, is down to earth, has strong family ties, and is just an amazing young woman. She will be an exceptional role model for junior players as well as the rest of us,” says Marc and Kimberly Griffiths, owners of Str8 Shots.
Eleanor takes her role in shaping the next generation of pool players very seriously and knows how important it is to be a good sportswoman and perform at the highest level of integrity. She has been able to juggle her career as a professional pool player, her education, her day job, as well as make time to show those she loves how important they are to her.
Eleanor shared, “What all pool players can only wish for is to have the support to drive us into the right direction. I was thrilled when Str8 Shots approached me with the opportunity to be a part of the team! I love all that they represent and I am excited to see what we can all accomplish together. The future of pool looks bright!”
In the very near future we will be announcing some of these special events so make sure you all keep an eye out. If you would like more information about working with Str8 Shots on these upcoming programs/events, you can contact Mark Cantrill at mcantrill@str8-shots.com or by phone at (480) 612-7732.
Str8 Shots is an online retailer for dart and billiard supplies. Visit their store at str8-shots.com/shop.
You can learn more about Eleanor Callado by going to www.eleanorcallado.com.