John Schmidt Says Yes to Team Str8 Shots

John Schmidt
John Schmidt has agreed to join Team Str8 Shots. He is known to many by his nickname “Mr. 400” but we think a more appropriate nickname might be “Mr. All-American”. He is such an amazing athlete and ambassador for more than just billiards. He enjoys and participates in all of the following sports: golf, dirt bike racing, tennis, street bikes, and fishing.
John actually began to take a career in pool seriously when he was 21 years old. He worked until he was 24 and earned the right to compete against the best players in pool. He was talented enough to win the 3rd professional event he entered. He has had 35 wins so far in his career and some of those include the 2012 World 14.1 Championship, 2009 Players Championship, 2009 Derby City One Pocket, 2006 US Open 9-Ball Championship, and the 2003 Reno Open. He was also a member of the U.S. Mosconi Cup Team in 2006.
John says, “I’d like to say I’m thrilled to be associated with my new Title Sponsor, Str8 Shots. They are doing great things in billiards and for the junior players. I am excited to be a part of that mission. I will be playing a full schedule this year and look forward to meeting many new friends and seeing old ones alike.”
John’s award winning smile, magnetic personality, and diverse background make him the perfect addition to Team Str8 Shots. His 3 year hiatus to run his own business has officially come to end and he is ready to be back in the game. He will be at as many tournaments as his schedule will allow in the coming years but he will also be working with Mark Cantrill of Str8 Shots to do special events, tours, and charity work.
Marc and Kimberly Griffiths share, “John is such a dynamic individual that you cannot help but be drawn to him. He is a true sportsman in every sense of the word and we are delighted to have him on the team. We will support John in any way we possibly can in an effort to help him achieve his highest goals; both professionally and personally.”
In the very near future we will be announcing some of these special events so make sure you all keep an eye out. If you would like more information about working with Str8 Shots on these upcoming programs/events, you can contact Mark Cantrill at or by phone at (480) 612-7732.