Scotland’s Jayson Shaw Joins Team Str8 Shots

Jayson Shaw

Scotland’s most dynamic young pool player recently signed to team Str8 Shots. Jayson Shaw has only just begun to captivate the pool scene.  He has been spending more time in the United States challenging himself against some of the greatest players in the world. He’s wasted no time making his name known as a player that should not be taken lightly at the table.

"Jayson's fast and flamboyant style is something that has and is going to continue to capture the attention of all who watch him; especially the junior players," commented Mark Cantrill, Director of Marketing for Str8 Shots.
Jayson is already racking up a lofty list of titles. He is a 3x Junior World 8-Ball Championship, 2x World Black Ball Champion, as well as the 2013 Empire State 10-Ball Open Champion. He has won numerous tour titles in Scotland and the United States.
Jayson stated, “I'm very happy to have signed a deal with Str8 Shots. I'm looking forward to working with juniors and helping to mold the next generation.  I just can’t wait to get started.”        
Jayson has big plans to continue making his way to the top by playing in events all over the world. He has a very full schedule for the next year which includes many tournaments, special events, tours, and some time off to enjoy one of his other favorite pastimes; golf.
“At this point we do not believe people have a clear understanding of the impact Jayson will have on the industry. Our goal is to help him become one of the greatest players the billiard industry has ever seen,” shared Marc and Kimberly Griffiths, owners of Str8 Shots.
If you would like more information about working with Str8 Shots on these upcoming programs/events, you can contact Mark Cantrill at or by phone at (480) 612-7732.