Mark Cantrill Joins Str8 Shots

September 16, 2013 (Colorado Springs, CO): Str8 Shots is pleased to announce that Mark Cantrill has agreed to join our team. Mark has been a top promoter in pool for nearly a decade and will definitely be an asset in developing programs Str8 Shots currently has in place as well as those they are going to launch in the very near future.


Mark Cantrill is known throughout the industry for the Legends and Champions Pool Tour he has produced for 8 years. These tours have included some of the biggest names in the industry such as Johnny Archer, Nick Varner, Darren Appleton, and Thorsten Hohmann. The fans love the opportunities they are given to spend time with some of their favorite professional pool player’s and the professionals themselves always have a great time.


Mark will oversee the coordination of all tournaments and special events Str8 Shots produces. He will help to develop and manage the entire Str8 Shots team. This team will be a representation of players at all skill levels.  The great news for the Legends and Champions fans is that he will continue to do the tours they all love with the backing of Str8 Shots.


“We’re excited to have Mark join our team because his vision is so in line with the vision that we have for Str8 Shots as well as the pool and dart industries as a whole,” said Marc Griffiths, owner of Str8 Shots.


Mark Cantrill has wasted no time moving forward so keep an eye out for details about special events that will be announced soon. If you would like to be involved with Str8 Shots special events, tournaments, or tours, you can reach Mark at


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