Emmy Award Winning Host Jay Adams Joins the Cast of Pool, Poker and Pain

Tampa, FL – August 14, 2012 – Blair Thein, a veteran pool player, has brought together three of the hottest sports around — Pool, Poker and MMA — and is developing a reality TV show around it called Pool, Poker & Pain (PPP).  Thein announced today that Emmy Award winning Jordan “Jay” Adams will join the cast of PPP. Adams has been appointed as Host and Executive Producer of the MMA portion of the show. 

Adams has over 25 years of hosting and production experience and currently hosts two popular combat sports television shows, United Fight Alliance and Jay's Brawl Call. He is a passionate television pro who has received two Emmy Nominations and an Emmy win.  Throughout his career Adam's has worked with some of the top companies in the world, including FOX Sports Network, ABC-Miami, Disney, and CNBC. 

 “This is a very exciting opportunity,” stated Adams.  “Blair has clearly worked very hard to bring Pool, Poker and Pain to where it is today. With the right push in a few key areas, PPP will be a huge success in a short amount of time.” 

According to Thein, “Jay Adams was the missing link to Pool, Poker & Pain. We are thrilled to have him on the team leading the MMA portion of the show. PPP is a very unique reality show concept and we have stellar team in place to make it a reality. PPP is going to make sports and entertainment history.” 

While Thein has been working for nearly a decade to make the show a reality, he recently made inroads within the various industries “I have been working on PPP for eight years. In addition to bringing Adams on board, I also recently partnered with two-time Emmy award winner Doug Stanley from Deadliest Catch,” Thein stated. The concept of PPP is simple: contestants will compete in all three sports, but to be crowned the winner they will have to thrive in each discipline. Sixteen contestants will travel from Florida to Las Vegas while competing in games of high-stakes poker and pool, and going head-to-head in the MMA ring. Along the way, coaches from each discipline will tutor the contestants. Take a bad beat in a poker hand? No problem, just take them on in the “Circle of Truth” — a 32-foot fighting cage. PPP contestants will be trained by world-class pool, poker, and MMA coaches to bring credibility to the show. 

It has been a long and arduous development process for PPP, and there is still a long way to go, but according to Thein he is getting close. "We all see the market for an exciting, gambling reality show given TV has no real gambling shows except for poker. I do believe I am very close to having PPP in a media explosion and my goal is to drive a network, sponsors, and investors to this show.”